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Descendants Of Illusion-Chapter One.

2008-10-23 15:58:47 by Convictim

A lonely day,was when William Frokespire awoke from bed to find himself in a destroyed junkyard. He only remembers his name,and no date. He walks forward to find a hoodlum with a smiley mask on,and he says to William,"So,who are you?" he said with a deep voice. William,said "Well,can you tell me who you are?" and as soon as the gangster tried to answer,he was shot by a plasma beam that sparked through his chest and emitted a echo. The only thing William could do...was run. But before he could even try to jog himself away, a bleeding robotic tentacle shot forth into his skull. What he saw,was years of his life he was trying to build up shown in seconds. Lets just say if he lived for 100 years, it would only be worth 9 minutes. The thing embedded into his membrane quickly ripped out and pushed him back into the rubble. He then saw in amazement,the thing that did this wasn't a mere animal octopus,but rather a android mastermind that looked like a squid,only with cybernetic parts. This creature had a well education, he knew whatever the beginning of time was to hold to the present day,and could even predict some bits of the future. He said with no warning..."Well,I checked your human memory,and it looks like you aren't a worthless insect...yet. But you still have to pay attention if you want to be a expert human in my eyes,and make me change the fact that you are nothing but walking bags of flesh"

To be continued.

Descendants Of Illusion-Chapter One.


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