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Meet The Heavy For A Second Time

2009-04-13 00:37:26 by Convictim

Along time ago, in a place that we nicknamed "Two-Fort". It was a large area, nicknamed this because it had two sides; BLU and RED. The red side was the enemy, and I knew that very well from my previous adventures as the heavy weapons guy, protecting my fellow medics and engineers from death. But the RED team, was downright ruthless. I remember Scouts double jumping onto our base to kill us.
What was the problem though? A chameleon-shape shifting bastard known as The Spy. I lost many engineers to this yellow bellied coward. But I knew, one day, that he would try to backstab me as I unloaded my Sasha into his chest, forcing him to get out his revolver as he retreats. And as soon as he is in the corner, I quickly switch my weapon on the HUD to my fists, then hit him as he is in pain, and in terror. For the 2 years I have been on 2fort, I remember one fine moment together. I grabbed out my Sasha, and when I was at the base...the enemies almost killed me. But what did I have in my pocket?
A Sandvich. I had earned it as a reward for finishing my milestones on the achievement servers.
When I took that final crunch, I knew...

Meet The Heavy For A Second Time


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2009-04-13 00:40:10

holy shit
he's bald

Convictim responds:

Surprising ain't it